• Spiced A.M Adaptogen a.k.a Liquid GOLD

    Spiced A.M Adaptogen a.k.a Liquid GOLD
    Photo credit: Jacob Dziubak


    1 x cup of organic coffee, strongly brewed Dandelion Root or Chai tea, or a teaspoon raw cacao in hot water 

    ½ teaspoon each rhodiola, he shou wu, mucuna, reishi

    1 pinch each of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg

     Almond or coconut milk to taste

     Honey, Stevia or coconut nectar to sweeten



    Blend on high.



    REISHI - Boosts immunity and liver function, relieves stress, improves circulation, radioprotective, antioxidant.


    RHODIOLA - Increases oxygen absorption, creativity, stamina and immunity. Assists with weight balance. Improves focus and longevity.


    HE SHOU WU - Nourishes and tones hair, skin, nervous system, and sexual center. Blood builder, improves brain function and memory, and supports the immune system.


    MUCUNA - Enhances brain function, soothes the nervous system, elevates mood, and refines the senses.