• This Month We're Loving… ROSEHIP powder (A True Beauty Food)

    This Month We're Loving… ROSEHIP powder (A True Beauty Food)

    Rosehip oil is a holy grail in the beauty world.. packed with vitamin C, flavonoids and antioxidants, it’s no wonder it’s a miracle worker for the skin.

    The joy of this little fruit (literally rose fruit) is that its benefits abound when taken internally also. Not only will it contribute to healthy, glowing skin from within.. it also boosts metabolism and immunity, and has been shown to be one of the most effective natural antimicrobials. [1]

    Rose hips are one of the highest sources of vitamin C, [2] which is not only essential for healthy immunity but also responsible for collagen production in the body. Studies showed a significant improvement in skin moisture, elasticity and wrinkles after just 3 months with daily supplementation.

    It supports the skin and cell longevity by mechanisms involving support of collagen, antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties. One journal published study showed; “it can inhibit the synthesis of MMP-1, an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of collagen.. it (also) protects collagen and elastin from free radicals such as reactive oxygen species formed by the process of UV-induced oxidative metabolism responsible for skin aging”. [3]

    Another study showed a stabilising effect on cell membranes of certain cells, thereby improving cell longevity and obstructing skin aging. [4]

    A relatively new discovery is that Rosehip is one of the few herbs that activates AMPK, an important enzyme in the body that is key in regulating metabolism, breaking down fat, mitochondrial energy production and revitalising aging cells. [5] [6]

    Our Organic Rosehip powder is so versatile. Simply add hot water and sweeten if desired, use to dust bliss balls or raw chocolate, or make a herbal latte with plant milk (it’s surprisingly creamy and delicious), I like to add cinnamon and vanilla. Or, try our Rooibos Rose Latte recipe.


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