• The Importance of Organic Farming, Fair for Life & Symbiosis

    The Importance of Organic Farming, Fair for Life & Symbiosis
    We are very excited to be working directly with some beautiful organic farms and farmers in Australia, Sri Lanka & India. Our aim is to be able to provide direct to farm traceability for every herb we use by 2022. This means we can be even more certain of purity, quality, potency, sustainability & fair trade (with a preference for 'fair for life' certification, which goes beyond fair trade by requiring ethical working throughout the entire supply chain and supports women and families in particular). We will also be able to offer a larger inventory, variety of sizes & bulk pricing.

    If you haven't already, check out the work of Dr Zach Bush on the importance of our soil health and its effect on our health as humans - what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. Next month, we'll speak about a supplement that's fundamental to the health of our microbiome, (hint: it's not pre or probiotics).

    Also, did you know that the origin of our mitochondria is a bacteria that about 2 billion years ago lived as an independent organism? It was engulfed and incorporated by the cytoplasm of our cells, thus making aerobic respiration possible for cellular energy production. This massive leap in functionality is such a beautiful and profound example of symbiosis in action.