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40g  |  approximately 20 serves

Also known as “sweet tea”, “fairy herb” and “miracle grass”, latin name “Gynostemma pentaphyllum”, this magic new addition to our range instantly brews a delicious, cleansing, light golden tea when added to hot water, making it a perfect daily tonic.

Regarded as one of the most powerful Adaptogens on earth, with over 300 studies worldwide documenting its medicinal properties, its benefits are profound and far reaching.

Sometimes also referred to as “immortality herb”, the people from the Chinese province where they consume this tea daily (Guizhou) have a history of unusual longevity. Science now confirms that Jiaogulan protects DNA from the effects of aging. It offers potent antioxidant protection, and increases the body’s production of its own super antioxidant, SOD, or superoxide dismutase. This defends and protects the cells of the body from premature destruction due to internal and external stressors.

This “miracle leaf” is also known to release stress from the body, has been shown to significantly boost the immune system, increase mental function, support healthy skin and support weight loss by assisting in the metabolism of fats.

Jiaogulan literally “supercharges” your metabolism, by activating AMPK, a key sensor and regulator of glucose, lipid, and energy metabolism throughout the body. AMPK works on the “metabolic master switch” of cellular energy in the body (ATP). Activation of AMPK improves metabolic abnormalities associated with metabolic diseases including obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Drinking Gynostemma tea has also been shown to shift the gut microbiota in ways that have been associated with healthier weight and weight distribution, acting a bit like a prebiotic. 

As an adaptogen, jiaogulan increases energy, endurance, stamina, and recovery time, while increasing adaptability to all forms of mental, emotional and environmental stress and acting as neuroprotective agent.

It may help mitigate jet lag, appears to help stabilize blood sugar, and is a source of the popular flavonol, ampelopsin, which is used to soothe hangovers. Jiaogulan is also liver-protective.

This magic herb has shown benefits for heart health, enhancing the muscular activity of the heart and improving overall circulation. It helps to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, while boosting healthy HDL and has proven a highly effective blood pressure control agent. 



Our single herbs can be added to any hot or cold drink, teas, smoothies, and raw desserts. 



certified organic jiaogulan (gynostemma pentaphylum) powder.

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