After studying Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine for 4 years, my journey into the use of powdered herbs began when i was pregnant and my meditation teacher suggested adding some Shatavari powder to golden milk as a nourishing postpartum tonic.

Although they are used in both ancient medicine systems of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, the use of powdered herbs in Western medicine is rare and they were difficult to find.

As I researched further I realised what a potent and effective form it was for therapeutic use of plants, and also discovered the ancient art of tonic herbalism.

Unlike other commonly used forms of herbal medicine, powdered herbs have no alcohol content, are highly bioavailable, and retain a high level of active constituents when prepared correctly. There is no waste, the whole plant is ingested, the herb is tasted, increasing its effects and they can be added to carriers such as warm plant milks or honey instantly and conveniently.

Serendipitously, while living in a remote village in Sri Lanka and learning about their particular system of Ayurveda, I found there were many beautiful, organic farms on this lush island, that grew an abundance of medicinal herbs, and prepared them according to traditional guidelines to retain optimum potency.

Bliss Elixir was born.

x  Georgia

Whilst searching for a nutritional support brand for our online shop – Be Naturallyou – I stumbled across Bliss Elixir. Having spent 6 years searching,  {yes, I’m serious} as there wasn’t anything that had previously sparked an excitable interest, Bliss Elixir was the bees knees, ducks nuts and unicorn of exactly what I was searching for and hoping to bring to our shop. {cue: happy dance}

Because here’s the scoop … spending a fortune on nutritional supplements that are based on powdered vegetables and grains is, well, quite frankly a waste of money, in my opinion. You’re better off eating the actual whole food bursting with phytonutrients and enzymes. Bliss Elixir tonic herbs, on the other hand, contain herbs that you most likely don’t eat (or come across) on a day to day basis. Herbs that are incredibly beneficial for your body, mind and beauty.  It also helped that the founder – Georgia – is absolutely lovely. Another critical factor, from my point-of-view, when selecting brands, as I’m a big believer that energy is transferred in to the products that people make.

As you can imagine, when Georgia approached me, to partner with her to help grow Bliss Elixir, another happy dance was done.

With over eighteen years experience in holistic nutrition, make up artistry, skin care, physical education, aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana mediation and Aura-Soma colour therapy, it is such a joy to be able to contribute my love, energy and time in to these incredibly beneficial tonic herb blends.

Today, Bliss Elixir is made in small batches, by hand, with love in the Byron Bay hinterland, in our beautiful little Be genki lab that is energised with various rose quartz, amethyst, quartz and citrine crystals. Superstition or not, it’s our way of making sure we give you the best quality and best balanced products.

x Samantha