• Plant Magic Giveaway (ends 30th Nov 2020)

    Plant Magic Giveaway (ends 30th Nov 2020)
    We've been a bit quiet on the digital front.. the truth is, the world of instagram feels increasingly contrived, unhealthy and unnatural. It seems what was once largely a place for genuine connection, authentic expression and shared inspiration is becoming/has become more a source of targeted advertising, algorthims to be conquered (or bought), agenda based censorship & forced sentiment.
    In endeavouring to cultivate a new, more real, more relevant online presence, interaction and sharing, we would love for you to tell us what you most long to learn about plants as medicine - we will share via our newsletters and website. Our intention is to offer a place to evolve, learn, create and share - together.

    Some ideas; The heart path - how herbs interact with our cardiovascular system and heart energetics, planetary herbalism, herbal chakra medicine, mood herbs and their pathways, the role of plants in the health and optimal functioning of the human nervous system & the elevating effect of communion with nature (extending the boundaries of our consciousness to include all living things)...

    (These and more will all be covered in our soon-to-be-released book, THE ALCHEMY OF BLISS - stay tuned)

    So sign up for our newsletter & email georgia@blisselixir.com.au with your questions, curiosities or comments and be in the chance to win your choice of 3 bliss blends, or 4 single herbs.

    With Love, Gx